Barbetorium is focused on hairdressers and barbers who come from different backgrounds but share a common purpose to be empowered and inspired.

A mutual passion for foundational education of the men’s business, forecasting trends that will impact the industry and mentoring bind this group of men’s groomers.

Barbetorium aims to be a resource of real life salon stories, ideas and actions that educate, encourage and provide solutions that will enhance your men’s business.

Jes Sutton

Men's Cut & Style Specialist

Jes has devoted nearly twenty years to advancing the craft of men’s hair cutting and fashion grooming. Strong training in mens’s techniques and cutting-edge styling methods deliver crisp and clean looks on the male clientele.

With a focus on education, Jes inspires creativity in the future of the trade and passes down his wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding cutting, grooming and management. Through sharing his experience, he mentors fellow owners and industry professionals on marketing and promotion for their own companies and businesses.


There is theory and there is real life. The men of Barbetorium live, eat and breathe men’s grooming. While many focus on the now, we look to the foundations of men’s hairdressing, to help build a strong men’s business.

Building from the past and looking to the future, it is our purpose to have a transformative impact and effect.It is this transformation, that will enrich our life’s and influence those around us to build stronger careers in the men’s arena!


Expenses and supplies not included

Email Jes Sutton with questions, feedback, or to book your next course.

Classic Scissor Cutting For Men

Using long and short blade scissors to create 3 distinct looks, this class will take you from a “Long Masculine” to “Medium Euro” and finally a “Classic Short”.

By focusing on the techniques and approach, you will learn sectioning, cutting directionally and anticipating your end result

Ideal Student

Stylists and Barbers looking to strengthen their foundation in men’s scissor cutting and provide the platform to creating timeless, masculine looks.

  • Time Frame3 hours
  • Investment450

The Bro-Dry

An introduction to understanding how to manipulate Men’s hair, and style with intention.

Getting to know the right Product, Brushes, Blow dryer to Achieve the desired looks & styles.

Ideal Student

Stylist and Barbers who want to bring their cut to life and to the next level

  • Time Frame1 hour
  • Investment150

Clipper Work

This modernized yet classic approach will help you understand how clippers, guards, and levers can allow you to create the perfect taper & clipper work.

Understanding and “Listening to the hair” will help guide you in knowing where and when to cut by the end of this class.

Ideal Student

Barbers/Stylists who are just breaking into the industry or seasoned Stylists looking for a refresher course.

  • Time Frame3 hours
  • Investment450

Clipper Then Scissor Men's Cut

Make use of all your tools as we guide you in creating a low taper or fade with clippers or using clipper over comb.

We will remove bulk with a clipper over comb technique, then use scissors to blend the sides into top before a short blade scissor details the top length and creates your end result.

Ideal Student

Barbers/Stylists looking to expand into the realm of using more than one or more of their tools on a haircut.

  • Time Frame3 hours
  • Investment450

Men's Texture Hair Cutting Techniques

This Hands On program will show you how to use your Texture Razor & Scissors to create Long, Med & Short Masculine, Trendy & Creative Looks. You will learn how to collapse or create weight to create texture & movement to show the style. We will also cover the proper use of the straight razor. Used in detailing around the hair line to make the final finished look pop.

Ideal Student

Barbers/Stylists that want to expand their toolbox, and use the Razor to achieve maximum textures in their finished work.

  • Time Frame3 hours
  • Investment450

Tour Of Techniques

This class is for the Stylist/Barber that wants a Peek or Refresher of Men’s cutting. We will take a tour of our Scissor, Razor & Clipper work courses.

Ideal Student

Barber/ Stylist looking to get started or refresh in all areas of Men’s cutting.

  • Time Frame3 hours
  • Investment450

One on One with Jes Sutton

This program is for individuals that want business or technique classes tailored specifically to their needs and prefer one on one attention in regards to learning.

Ideal Student

Stylists and Barbers looking to strengthen their foundation in men’s scissor cutting and provide the platform to creating timeless, masculine looks.

  • Time Frame1 hour
  • Investment150

Great class!! A lot of talent, great business advice and very inspiring! Highly recommended.

Melissa Sandle
Hair Designer

We learned so many new techniques! We can not wait to bring these awesome techniques to our male clients!

Niki Marie
Niki Marie’s Salon

His educational programs are a “must see”… You will truly be inspired to take your career to the next level.

Tammy Bielawa Gates
Consultant, Goldwell NY


Do you do in salon workshops or just events and shows?

We customize our education programs to the needs of the students. From in-salon groups, to one on one, to large events and trade shows.

Do we have to pay your travel expenses?

Yes, all fee’s do not include travel. When engaging the Barbetorium team, expenses will be for up to three educators.

Do all the Men of Barbetorium conduct all workshops?

No. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of the salon/event sponsor. Most programs include at least two members of our team.

Do you prefer mannequins or live models?

Live models are always the most effective, both for training and investment, but mannequins can work. All mannequins must be provided for all workshops by the salon and/or event sponsor.

How far in advance do we need to book?

We ask that if you are interested, that you connect with us to reserve time on our event calendar. Our spaces book up fast.


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